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Filming and editing by Michael DAVAIN at Myosotis Prod. Credit photos: Maxime Desessard

The previous workshop  at Chateau de la Bourdaisière prompted us in understanding how Castle Key Destination Weddings & Events's Authority Body gets organised. Understand how we, the venues, the vendors and yes our amazing international clientele too, want to work together in getting the best of everyone involved in bringing to life meaningful experiences and events to our clientele. 

A solid base

Your experts are professionals in event design, visual, fashion, floral, entertainment, planning, graphic design, fireworks, shows, photography, live band, DJ, film making, gastronomy, wines, organisation, coordination, teaching, workshops and much more, and should always be your first contact when envisioning to bringing to life your destination weddings and event's journey in France.

No one grows alone, we are firm believers that teamwork makes the dream work and that the success of one is the success of all. The aim of these workshops is to continue the work of integration as well as to create a ground for mutual growth and empowerment of the local professionals of the region, a synergy valuable to the professionals and to our worldwide clientele. We are creating the "authority body of destination weddings & events" at the castles, vineyards, troglodytes and traditional boats of the Loire Valley in France, and beyond, because why change a team that works, right?

Myriam FOUASSE-ROBERT wines expert, owner « Rendez-vous dans les vignes »

Frédéric BERTIN Floral Designer, owner at Frederic Bertin

Michael DAVAIN Film maker, owner at «  Myosotis Prod »

Christophe GOUVERNELLE Film maker, owner at «  Silence on Tourne »

The common goals - An attitude!

The experts nurture a common goal that is to provide best-in-class services to the busy international clientele. They are professionals and experts in their area, they love events, they are proud of their region, and they want you and your guests to bring wow experiences, memories of amazement and of rich and meaningful cultural encounters back home. They never stay long without falling in love with their clients, they all feel empowered by their client’s Vision. The experts are always positive in every situation and with every interlocutor, they are remarkable listeners and enjoy implementing your requirements.

David and Jeremy, hair stylist barber events, owner at  David and Jeremy S2C

Caroline LAGNEAU, owner at  Chateau du Rivau

Strength – A Philosophy

Your team always stay on top to the game and gathers regularly to attend Agile Workshops that encourage participation, optimize transparency and increase creativity. The workshops are held at the venues hosting the weddings and events of our clientele. They are based in the Loire Valley in France and are organised and lead by Castle Key Destination Weddings & Events (Castle Key AB) with the shared goal to optimize and stretch our clientele’s budget and to exceed their expectations, and this from the overall project down to the smallest details of your event. The strength of the group exceeds the sum of the individual skills. Their moto is «we succeed all together», and their success is fully directed to add value to our international clientele’s investment.

Melinda Eugenie BARDIN, Organiser and Lead Workshops, CEO at Castle Key Destination Weddings

Jerome ANDRE Publics Manager at Château du Rivau

Listen, Understand, Implement – A Value

Your team understand your challenges, living abroad, bringing your loved ones to another country to share your joy and your love all together, all this requires a flawless and stress-free management upstream for a perfect execution. This expectation is clearly understood and established at the very first contact with Castle Key and does last all through the period of conceptualizing, designing, organizing, and coordinating your destination weddings & events.

Philippe LEBEL musician, owner at  Orchestre Philipe Lebel

Alexis COURRAUD Photographer, owner at  Alexis Courraud 

Alexa GERMAIN Celebrant, owner at  Alexa Reception

Next step – Integration!

The Authority Body of the Experts of Destination Weddings & Events of the Loire Valley deepen their organisation and integration under a common project that includes multiple activities and utilities. Various aspects are being discussed together between the experts, this is an ongoing process that will take sometimes before being unveiled. the beautiful masterpiece for all to enjoy! Melinda E. Bardin is meeting and gathering information with various real estates, financial actors and legal authorities that will be discussed during the next workshop. Each workshop are in two parts, the first part of the each workshop is dedicated in continuing the work of growing together via better team work and use of resources and the second part is dedicated in bringing the “fruits” of our common work to benefice of our international clientele.

To integrate further and get organised we identify of common set of values and a philosophy that resonates within all of use. These values and philosophy support the intentions of the team and act as the beacon that any professionals and clientele can identify with, recognize and use as a ground to insure them that they have made the best choices.

Next workshop of the Authority body of Destination Weddings & Events takes place at Chateau d’Artigny Tuesday 10th of September 2019!

Credit photos : Maxime Desessard – Film by Myosotis Production

Together with some of the experts of Castle Key Weddings & Events Authority Body at Chateau du Rivau, Loire Valley, France, during yet another very participative Agile Workshop.

Workshop organisation Castle Key AB | Workshop Venue: Chateau du Rivau | Workshop participants on this day: Floral design Frédéric Bertin | Wines specialist Rendez vous dans les vignes | Film maker Myosotis Prod | Film maker Silence on tourne | Photographer Alexis Courraud | Photographer Maxime Desessard | Celebrant Alexa Germain | Events Hair Stylist and Barber s2c | Chef Orchestre Philippe Lebel


August 14, 2015
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