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Castle Key

Memories that last a lifetime and beyond.

There are weddings to be remembered and there are weddings that last FOREVER. There are destination weddings and there are weddings that are your DESTINY.

On this, the most important day of your life, with friends and family gathered in loving support as you vow your eternal devotion to one another, you want a uniquely singular and special moment—a FANTASY WEDDING in a fairy tale castle that transcends eternity.

As you become each other’s king and queen, what better place to vow your unending love than the land where kings and queens ruled all they surveyed? Every bride is the queen, every groom the king.

Only one place in the world provides this royally romantic, fantasy setting: The Loire Valley, located just a short distance from Paris—the ETERNAL CITY OF LOVE. Only one company in the world specializes in weddings in grand, white castles in the most fairy tale location on earth.

Castle Key destination-weddings Loire Valley France is your key to a wedding that no one will ever forget.

In a time when destination weddings are the zenith of this grandest of all moments, Castle Key opens the gates to endless castles in the most exquisite “Valley of the French Kings” with matrimonial magic found nowhere else.

Also found nowhere else is the team of dedicated professionals at Castle Keywho are from this valley and know Loire as deeply as they know romance and the eternal significance of this special day. Romantics themselves, they understand what this journey means from the first step to the last glass of champagne.

With a veteran project manager on the team, Castle Key weddings ensures that the big picture and the tiniest finishing touches are flawlessly and seamlessly executed. Big events are all about details—finer points that can be overlooked if you have never before planned a wedding, particularly if it’s your own wedding with a million tasks swirling above your head. Yes, intimidating and overwhelming and all-consuming and monumental and exquisite—and our area of expertise so you can relax and enjoy!

Your wedding is all about you. The success of your entire wedding journey is about Castle Key wedding planner.

Castle Key destination-weddings also provides vow renewals, engagements, and honeymoon travel in the Loire Valley with visits to historical sites, prestigious vineyards, troglodytes, local villages, romantic settings, and other coveted venues along with activities such as wine & cheese tasting, golf, boule de fort, hot air balloon, riding to hunt and much more. Do you and your guests have a hobby that you would like to experience in the Loire Valley? Tomatoes, strawberries, botanic, tatoo,dancing, acting, playing music, games, cooking, fishing, boating,... just name it!

Contact Castle Key destination weddings France today to reserve your castle and begin your journey!

Why Castle Key

Your passion. Your romance. Your wedding. Our specialty.

Castle Key destination-weddings Loire Valley France is a certified wedding consulting firm and proud member of The International Institute of Weddings.

We do one thing: weddings in fairy tale castles in France’s Loire Valley—the world’s destination custom made for eternal nuptials! We do it better than anyone because it is all we do. We are not every destination wedding to everyone everywhere in the world. This Valley is our home and you and your guests are our guests—we are deeply rooted in the Loire Valley and know this area and the people like no one else.

We bring our own marriage of romance and practical planning to make your dream wedding a reality, from extraordinary venues to personalized menus; from a personally decorated thousand-year-old castle to guidance on how to hold your flowers, while having contingency plans in place for “what-ifs” you may not even think about.

We plan every minute with precision to ensure scheduling, timing, flexibility, budget control, and so much more. Castle Key maps locations and schedules for you and your guests for each step of your journey—details you see and details that go unnoticed with a well-executed plan where every participant has a role to play in this, the grandest of performances.

All you have to do is enjoy without a worry about what to do next or where to go, so you are not exhausted and frazzled—but relaxed and ready for your important moments so all you remember is the romance, passion, and joy of sharing this day with loved ones.

Destination weddings are no more challenging, and often no more expensive, than weddings at home. Castle Key brings the additional benefit of deep and long-term relationships with local partners who can provide every service desired—everything and anything you could imagine and even what you may not have imagined—often obtaining discounts from our long-term partners. We represent the difference between planning a huge international trip on your own and guessing and hoping that you have made the right decisions, or having someone locally on the ground with strong relationships with area venues and professionals taking care of everything for you.

Castle Key accommodates wedding parties of all sizes, styles, budgets, and themes including classical, modern, medieval, organic, rock ‘n’ roll, jazz, or even gypsy! We advise you on the practicality of events and venues to ensure you are not overbooked and frantic, or under-booked and missing out on special moments. Our packages include a detailed listing of all included and additional amenities. There are no surprises.

We are with you for wedding theme inspirations, design, travel arrangements, accommodations, transportation, restaurants, catering, decorations, flowers, rehearsals and choreography, lighting, tours, language translations, legal issues and paperwork (for both France and your home country, including same-sex marriages), local customs, insurance, special requests, budget control; and contingencies such as weather, traffic, and tardy or lost guests, just to name a few! We work with professionals you select such as photographers, musicians, hair and make-up stylists, formal wear, florists—whatever is needed to make this day unforgettable because all that matters is you and your guests—and the feeling of this moment.

Everything begins with your free initial one-hour consultation. In a journey of seemingly endless options, we’ll help you select the right events, venues and moments for you. We’re with you at every step including on your wedding day—present but invisible because the day is yours and because the plan is already in place.

Your only memory—the happiness, the emotions, the personalized services, the beauty, the elegance, the romance, and the joy of your big day! At a price that you can afford.


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