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Energy Positive Stockholm strives and thrives to make the world a better place for all living species, and we are tremendously thankful for your trust and commitment in becoming your favourite version of yourself, in doing so you don’t only give a huge gift to yourself, but to the whole world too! Even under an enormous amount of stress, simple habits can be implemented that will bring you gracefully and happily where you want to be. Staying on the positive side, being thankful for the little and big things, maintaining your loving energy level that supports your goals are only a few habits that we implement in our programs. Throughout regular Reiki, Coaching/Mentoring sessions and Retreats, we guarantee 100% success.

Book your Reiki, Coaching/Mentoring and Retreat via Facebook to experience a long-lasting positive lifestyle that brings you where YOU want to go.

Remember that the speed of development is very personal, though it can seem slow at times then fast then slow again, or the opposite, this is totally normal. Just think of it as the development of a child. Be patient and continue implementing, we guarantee that you will love it! But don’t take our word for it, French, Swedish and English speaking clients have been amazed by the ease of implementing the steps and the extraordinary results in their life, inside out.

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Energy Positive Stockholm - Coaching

Improve focus, positive thinking, personal and professional development, weightmanagement are often linked. Like many if us, they are goals that you too are determined to get results on, and which require outside support.

Energy and personal support are paramount in reaching these goals. Energy Positive is here from the beginning to the end of your journey toward developing your favorite self.

To encourage your consistency, you get clear and comprehensive updated coaching plans following your schedule and goals.

At Energy Positive your practitioner is trained energy Reiki treatments and personal mentoring.

Super power up your energy! Your journey starts now with a shower of energy during a one-to-one remote session via video conference, or during an in-person session at “Energy Positive” in Stockholm, Sweden, or at your preferred address (conditions apply). Simply confirm your booking date and time at

550sek/55€ incl VAT per session. Because consistency is key, monthly and yearly subscriptions are available, just ask or call +46 707 220 529 now.

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