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Various reasons for fasting

There are various ways of fasting and there are various reasons for fasting. Nephrologist Dr Jason Fung is one of the many advocates of fasting for many reasons, see his YouTube channel here.

Physiological benefits

Researches are being clear, there is many physical benefits in introducing fasting into our life-style. From pain relief to hormone balances, the spectrum is broad when it comes to the physical benefits of fasting.

Anti-ageing and building muscle

Nephrologist Dr Jason Fung, in his October 24, 2016, paper*, explains it very well, fasting increases Human Growth Hormone and other hormones giving benefits such as improvement of skin thickness, loss of fat and gain of lean mass (muscle, bone and skin).

Though HGH is naturally released by the body every night after hours of fasting at night during the catabolic stage, and before awakening around 4:30 am (hence the fact that many people do not feel for eating in the morning as their body has already gotten plenty of fuel to kick start its day via the HGH), we recommend a 5+ days water fasting to most efficiently benefit of the HGH.


Used as far back than Ancient Greece by Hippocrates and Plutarch, they were actually speaking about autophagy when using fasting as a tool to heal their body, without understanding the exact science behind why it works so well.

“Everyone has a physician inside him and her; we just have to help it in tis work. The natural healing force within each if us is the greatest force in getting well Our food should be our medicine. Our medicine should be our food. But to eat when you are sick is to feed the sickness.” Hippocrates
“Instead of using the medicine, rather, fast a day”. Plutarch

We know now, Hippocrates and Plutarch were talking about autophagy, discovered by Nobel peace prize and physiology Dr Yoshinori Ohsumi.

The body starts eating “itself” including “Senescent cells” that no longer serve the body but are still inside the tissues and organs, which when staying there can trigger cancer, ageing, pulmonary fibrosis, neurodegeneration, liver diseases, auto-immune diseases, infections, diabetes.

This explains the commonly used term “detox-fasting”. 24-48 hours into water fasting brings your body into the strongest effect of autophagy, due to the near or full removal of proteins intakes.

Weight loss & Reset your eating habits

The removal of food brings a loss of weight; however, the muscle mass is being kept thanks to HGH but also the physical exercises that you integrate or continue during your fasting. At Energy Positive Stockholm we include Yoga sessions and Shinrin-Yoku hikes and walks, which in turn make you feel mentally and physically strong and ready to tackle all of your tasks and responsibilities in life.

Inflammation and heart

While fasting, removing sugar and milk products which are said to be inflammatory foods, helps your body fighting ongoing inflammation in your body.

Psychological benefits

Enlightenment. Very strong sense of what my body needs. The strong feel of your metabolism. At peace, best sleep ever.

Trauma recovery

Tap into our inner resources to heal past psychological traumas and physical wounds. For those doing the long fasting for the first time, you might hold on to limiting beliefs that this is going to be too hard for you. But while days pass by, and easiness settles in your mind and body, you develop a psychological strength and a sense of accomplishment. In doing so, you start releasing various limiting beliefs which you held on to for many years back.

Reach your full potential

While spiritual goals are very personal to every one of us, we can surely connect fasting to spiritual experiences too. As said TEDx speaker Phil Sanderson*, fasting can help self-actualise and be the best that we can be via removing one the basic Maslow’s pyramid needs, food for an extended period of time.

Your focus shift from the earthly resources to the unearthly resources. Food and drinks that usually take up to most people time and mind every day starting from thinking about the menu for the whole family, then to figure out where to buy the items, then plan the right timing for cooking the meal and finally to make sure that the family is around the table to enjoy the meal…. Three times a day.

“I fast for greater physical and mental efficiency.” Plato

Clarity of mind

Mental stage of acuteness, you become aware of everything around you.

Productivity & Brainpower

Not only do you have time to work away all day if you want to, but also your mental acuteness makes you answer to all backlog matters in an unbeatable clarity to you and all receivers. This is valid regardless of the level of complexity your work is.

Mark Mattson at TEDx Johns Hopkins University says that fasting is a challenge for our brain, our brain responses to that challenge of not having food by activating adaptive stress response pathways that help our brain cope with stress and mental diseases.


While hunger strike, for political reasons, for example, can be interpreted as long fasting, the “willingly-forced” fasting tends to remove the benefit of a positively entered fasting and create strain in the mind and body.

Various ways of fasting

Fasting can feel daunting at first as we have generational of habits and reasoning about why we should eat at fixed hours and several times a day to keep up with a regular energy level. Add to this the cultural aspect that says that mealtimes are the only quality times to enjoy daily family conversations and then we have a population becoming bigger and bigger and relying on traditional hard medicines for any little discomfort.

Intermittent days fasting

Known as the 5/2 where you eat as you do not eat for 2 days in a week and you eat as you use to during 5 days. To us this is the most difficult to hold as the most difficult part of fasting is the first 24 to 48 hours before it gets easier.

Intermittent hours fasting

Between 10 to 16 hours your body fasts and eat in the window of 14 to 8 hours, every day. To us, this is the easiest intermittent fasting pattern in that it included the night of sleep as fasting hours.

This is the lifestyle we suggest our members follow in between long fasting periods, in order to continue the good work and keeping the benefits of long fasting.

Long water and dry fasting

Though entering physiological fasting can happen pretty early into the fasting period, such as fasting-mimicking diet can do to, we encourage a minimum of 7 days fasting to enjoy full benefits of your fasting.

Days prior the fasting starts we suggest you go into a “master cleanse”: Glass of water, ½ lemon, ¼ tea spoon Cayanne pepper powder (2 spoons of maple syrup, optional), as many times a day as you want.

Some people will do dry fasting, said to be faster in metabolism changes. We do not suggest dry fasting but rather the water fasting. Water helps your body to tap into its reserve and keeps you hydrated. Plus it will keep you going with your task at the end much more easily in comparison to feeling more tired along your fasting period when not keeping hydrating.

How do we accomplish a happy water fasting

Always check with your doctor if you are in the risks group, such as the suffering of certain diabetes types and heart diseases types, pregnant, or other mental and physiological conditions.

Pre-fasting mainly focuses on eating lighter meals so that your body gently start getting into the fasting mode, rather than a radical diet change. Master cleanse is also a good way to get your body ready, see above for the recipe.

During your fasting, we have noticed that not being exposed to real food, food advertisement and visuals, or smell of food during the fasting help you switch your mindset and focus on connecting with your mind, body and nature. You can relax as your brain is free of any bio-chemistry reactions due to the only thought, sight or smell of food.

To increase your pleasure in doing the hard complicated tasks (for work or else), we like doing the fasting the “dopamine detox” way as we like to name it. This means that screens and other dopamine triggering activities are kept at bare minimum use.

To keep the homeostasis balanced, we encourage keeping minimal the use of products that could interact with the body biochemistry. We search for venues with its own water-well as a luxury of a water fasting and encourage the use of natural toiletries.

These precautions encourage the benefits of your fasting and help you getting closer to your inner self as you discover your body metabolism and feel it taking control over your consciousness, through its very own intelligence.

Why Her Berg is a good place for retreats!

Why is Her Berg one of our favourite Retreat location for Shinrin-Yoku, Yoga, Reiki, Meditations, Detox, Physical and Spiritual retreats, as well as professional and personal development retreats, or a combination of them all, is in its environment and its owner's respectful way of living.

The answer would be a no-brainer to anyone used to taking good care of themselves to maintain a long life filled with bliss.

For spiritual and physiological retreats Her Berg is THE spot to be.

“Her Berg” is located at the entrance of the archipelago Sank Anna in Sweden and is 150 years of age. It is hidden by a wide and wild forest made of big old trees such as oaks, as well as the cherry trees, various pine trees, apple tree, prune trees, and birches, making it a heaven for Shinrin-Yoku hikes and walks to fully support your retreat’s goals, by breathing phytoncides of the forest environment.

The domain overlooks the sea, starting point of the beautiful Sankt Anna archipelago with its own deck t the water.

It enjoys its own water-well making it a treasure for water fasting retreat.

Even the sewage system “Malaren Mininengsverk” is respectful to nature. It's an ecological septic tank, with bacteria cleaning the water before returning it to nature.

When it comes to the roof, the owners have renovated the roof of the main house in the most sustainable way with wood insulation, as well as the barn too with flax insulation and paper layer. The bathroom and toilet are also renovated with as many natural materials as possible.

Only natural toiletries are used in the bathroom, kitchen and washing machine for the eco sceptic tank and nature to thrive.

The owners are a young family on the making as the time of this article September 2020, from and living in Neverlands. They have chosen Sweden as quite an intuitive ‘decision’ during a motorbike holidays trip in the summer of 2018, they felt at home in the Scandinavian’s nature.

Anna and Henrik had both always dreamed to of living abroad in nature since their childhood, and all this combined prompted them to start their searches in February 2019 for a place to enjoy during their holidays, and in May 2019 they found “Her Berg”.

Conclusion & References

We have a preference for the intermittent hours fasting as a lifestyle, however, depending on your level of need for the energy we suggest that you’re eating hours window be used most efficiently to provide your brain and body with the energy it needs, may this imply adding items such as MCT oil and other energy boost food.

Feel and look healthier, beautiful and strong, book your full program retreat with Positive Energy Stockholm:

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Energy Positive Stockholm proposes full detox energizing focus enhancement programs to individuals, groups, and bridal couples to feel their most amazing self at home, at work, in society and at their wedding day!

Energy Positive Stockholm strives and thrives to make the world a better place for all living species, and we are tremendously thankful for your trust and commitment in becoming your favourite version of yourself, in doing so you don’t only give a huge gift to yourself, but to the whole world too!

Even under an enormous amount of stress, simple habits can be implemented that will bring you gracefully and happily where you want to be. Staying on the positive side, being thankful for the little and big things, maintaining your loving energy level that supports your goals are only a few habits that we implement in our programs. Thorough regular Reiki, Coaching/Mentoring sessions and Retreats, we guarantee 100% success Book your Reiki, Coaching/Mentoring and Retreat via Facebook 

Remember that the speed of development is very personal, though it can seem slow at times then fast then slow again, or the opposite, this is totally normal. Just think of it as the development of a child. Be patient and continue implementing, we guarantee that you will love it! But don’t take our word for it, French, Swedish and English speaking clients have been amazed by the ease of implementing the steps and the extraordinary results in their life, inside out.

Bonus! Take away written clear program that will keep you going nurturing the positivity and energetic work you have done during your sessions.

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And remember, You are enough!

Your life is perfect as it is.

Be grateful your life brought you where you are today, ready to move on to the next step to reach your next goals.

So, if not already done, forgive yourself and others, be thankful for what they have brought you (positive as well as the one that feels negative).

Now, enjoy the journey of meeting your favourite self, just pick the program that suits you best.

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