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We help many brides with their makeup artist requirements and how to choose best destination weddings makeup artists of the Loire Valley in France is question we are often asked. Any makeup artist should make a statement in making you entirely satisfied.

Amélie at "Mes Jolies" is one of Castle Key make up artist who always make our brides satisfied. She asks many question to get to the heart of our brides to ensure that their natural beauty is at its best. In no time Amélie knows if our brides are used in putting on make up, on which basis they makeup, how they put it on and which makeup brands they use. Do our brides like to put on mascara, to have a touch of blush and to highlight their eyes with a line of pencil? These are as many questions that Amélie skims through together with our brides. To get deeper into her inspiration, Amélie makes sure that she has a good understanding of the theme of the wedding, the style of the dress and the accessories that will be uses, and we like that.

We remember for our bride Kelly, Amélie used a creamy and light texture foundation from "Benefit" which she says was adapted to Kelly's complexion and skin type, "it is important not to highlight skin imperfections such as age or dehydration", says Amélie. It is important not forget that our brides are traveler brides and we know that long flight trips can be taxing on skin hydratation so drink a lot. 

Amélies like to say that a bridal makeup must be fresh and bright on the pictures, and this can be achieved only if the make up and the style is adapted to the bride's complexion and type of skin, the right foundation's brand and style is crucial for the success of the picture. She will match the makeup with the color of the eyes and the hair to put forth the assets of the bride. If Amélie likes to shares her advise with our brides she always left them make the final decision in regard to makeup products and styling. The bridal makeup trial is the moment where the imagination is tasted in a relaxed and fun atmosphere, this insures that Amélie can focus on the final rendering on the wedding day.

During the trial back in winter, Amélie made sure that all information were recorded on a sheet complemented with pictures of the trial at each step.

Depending on the bride's preferences and the them of their wedding, some brides require a light, natural and fresh looking makeup, whereas others go for a more dramatic makeup with smoky eyes and red lipstick. The later is perfect as an evening makeup during your reception party, and together with dramatic earings, the better. Also, depending on our bride's age the makeup will mark differently. At a certain Amélie says avoiding iridescent blush and eye shadows which she thinks would define in an unfaltering way the features of the face of the bride, whereas a 20 years old face would sustain this type of makeup more easily. However, Amélie adds, at the end of the day it is of utmost importance to respect the choices of the future bride, she has to feel confortable and herself, this is what matters.

In regard to the brand that Amelie uses she says that while many french beauticians use MAC cosmetics or Forever makeup, she decided to decided out from others by using trendy brands such as Benefit, Urban Decay, Too Faced, American brands because she says "we all know they are at the peak of the performance".

Our make up artist appreciate that the day is chained even if your schedule has not really been respected by some counter time customers but hey the importance is that everyone could be made up! In the end, the bride and the guests were satisfied. I remember from this experience that it is with pleasure that I will renew this adventure!"

One of Amélie's tip, to get the lavish and glamorous effect with your eyelashes, add eyelashes extensions instead of adding too much mascara. eyelashes extensions give a natural effect whereas too much mascara give a heavier look.

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Posted: Thursday, September 12th, 2019

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