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Castle Key have listed the Top 5 destination wedding favors that are being popular among our bridal couples. Wedding favors that make your guests feel appreciated and loved and also a wee especially treated for coming all the way from abroad to share your fabulous wedding journey with you.

Travels strengthen bounds together with your guests. Your destination wedding requires special attention to your guests as you want them to know how much they mean to you and how much you appreciate them traveling all the way for sharing with you your amazing destination wedding journey.

Among the many options available to show your appreciation to your guests, a wonderful way is to show it with an unusual wedding favors. Here some ideas:

Lithophane (VotivelightTM) by Bernardaud

A wedding favor that features your wedding venue, and that can be personalized to you and/or to your guests. A wedding favor with many facets. Incorporate it to your wedding decor as part of the table center and your wedding favor take a whole new dimension to your guests. They for ever will remember the ambiance of your wedding and the live spread when using it back home. 

“Porcelain and dinnerware, since 1863 in Limoges, south of the Loire Valley, France.

Bernardaud masters the art of French porcelain since 1863 in Limoges, combining craftsmanship and innovation, creativity and heritage. Working in a field that is perpetually evolving, Bernardaud remains in the elite of design and innovation, developing technologies in its Limoges manufacture that push back the limits of the art of porcelain-making.

The house calls on most renowned designers and contemporary artists to create porcelain dinnerware, lamps, candles and jewelry. Bernardaud also creates bespoke designs and decorative schemes for hotels and restaurants: porcelain plates, cups, platters, lamps and decorative objects to adorn the tables of the greatest chefs and of the most famous palaces in the world.

Our craftsmen in Limoges strive every day to make each creation bearing the Bernardaud mark a symbol of true luxury and excellence, thus demonstrating that two thousand years after it was first discovered, porcelain remains as remarkable as ever.”


“The Lithophane (VotivelightTM) is a traditional engraving technique on a fine bisque (non-glazed) porcelain that was invented in Limoges in 1828. Bernardaud still use it to craft beautiful votives that come in a wide variety of decor. The glow of the candle shines through the raised and carved surface of the votive, contrasting light against shadow and thus revealing its richly detailed design.”

The Lithophane (VotivelightTM) featuring Chateau de Chenonceau and Chateau de Chambord

The Lithophane (VotivelightTM) can be personalized with your names, your wedding's date, the name of your venue, your guest's name or any other text.

My Billet Doux

Say “Oui” with a My Billet Doux silk cushion. A unique way to tell someone you love them.

My Billet Doux™ is a luxurious handcrafted silk cushion embellished with vintage or antique ribbons. There are two models- a ring cushion and a love cushion. There is a pocket to store a notebook or cards and pen that come with it or to hide your heartfelt messages. It tells a story and shares your love and affection.

My Billet Doux is a luxury brand, created by Natalia Willmott an art dealer and decorator who hails from Paris. It is all about love and romance and celebrating beauty and the written word.

Simply write your beloved a note using the pen and notebook that are supplied with every cushion or opt for a personalised note written in calligraphy. Tuck the message into the discreet cushion pocket and wait for their reaction

An envelope “ring” cushion can be used to propose with or to present your rings at your wedding ceremony. A special magnetic attachment holds your rings into place. Each cushion comes with two notecards and a pen- write a love letter to each other, a poem, your wedding vows and have a keepsake of your special day.

A "love" cushion can be displayed on your bed with a beautiful message hidden in the secret back pocket. This cushion can be given as a wedding gift as well as used by the lucky couple to celebrate their union and love and to have a souvenir of their wedding day….to keep on adding to all through their married life.

Or why not a give a cushion as a very special favor to bridesmaids or wedding guests?

Natalia says “ My Billet Doux brings back the thrill and anticipation of receiving a note in a soft, luxurious and unique way.” Throughout time, hand written letters and notes have helped people fall in love, stay connected, build relationships and convey truths. They preserve moments, human history captured forever.

Every cushion is decorated with a strip of ribbon, some of which are extremely rare and date back to the 1800s. These add an extra layer of history and unique detail to the gift. The cushions are made from luxurious Indian silk douppion with a subtle sheen and come in a range of colours and ribbon designs, to suit any home.

Embellishments can also be added like tassels or vintage charms, each accompanied with a romantic quote. These items can also be purchased without a cushion for those on a smaller budget. Every cushion comes in a luxury gift box.

Ring cushions start from £140, while the vintage charms with quotes start from £15. A personal love note written in calligraphy starts from £17.

About the company

My Billet Doux was founded in 2017 by Natalia Willmott, an art & antiques seller and an interior designer. She is based in York, but hails from Paris. She is also the founder of - an online collection of unique interior finds for unique people. My Billet Doux (pronounced bee-yay-doo) literally translates as ‘sweet note’.

Jam of your wedding venue's flowers and fruits

Wedding favors that your guests can eat are also popular as they trigger several senses: the sight, the smell, and the taste; and when this delicacy is made with your wedding venue's ground flowers and fruits, then you add the curiosity into the recipe. Your guests will want to know more about these flowers and fruits. They will search by themselves on the ground where they are growing and may ask if they can buy extra of this delicacy to bring back to continue their journey together  with you back home.

Safety bags

The "safety bag" or also "Survival bag" as it was named by our bridal couple at the Royal Abbey of Fontevraud, came with a lot of surprises and fun!

To make their guests feel at home and especially treated, V&A have chosen a safety burlap bag containing pain relief, toothpick, hair pin, mint, and condom. It also includes some venue's personalized items such as a notebook, a pencil, a book mark, a paper bag, a map of the venue. And the personal welcome letter.

But a destination wedding would not be complete without a few days of cultural discovery. Also, it has been added a full tourism information book listing all events and venues of interest in the surroundings of the wedding venue, and there are many in the Loire Valley!

Dragées - Sugard coated almond

This is the most traditional French wedding favours used at local French weddings and christenings. Dragees are  sugar coated almond, chocolate or other filling sweets. They can be presented to fit your Vision and theme form classy, elegant to unconventional in various holders and recipients or also sparkled around your guest tables to add on to your color theme and fun.

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